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cobh maritime song festiva 2009-07-06 16:12:18
Cobh, County Cork
Rest in peace Johnny Collins - I will miss your booming voice and the life you brought to us here in Cobh through all of your performances.  You were a beloved colleague and friend of all of us here as you were to our friends abroad.  You will be greatly missed my friend.
Dan Sparkman 2009-06-06 14:14:15
    I have been a fan and player of folk music, including sea shanteys, for a long time. I would be interested in playing at the festival in a year or two.  Whatever guidance you could provide in this area would be appreciated.  Best wishes.
Dave and Jeanette Miller 2008-06-22 07:29:50
Wrexham, North Wales

Another great weekend - thanks to everybody involved in organisng and performing.

Now, next year am I going to need my raincoat or are you managing the weather again?

Peggy Sue Amison 2008-06-12 17:20:19
Cobh - of course!

Thank you to all who made this edition of the festival the best yet.  What was it this time that made it a little different? 

We were blessed with the weather... but even if it had been gray there was such a huge amount of warmth between the volunteers, staff and performers that we never would have noticed.

I can't thank the volunteers enough, Jessie, Bozena, Agneiska, Ann, Conor, Siudmy, Adam, Kamil, Marek, Robert, Kasia, Nika, Raffal, Artur (even with a triangle on your head) you were truly a gift. 

To the staff of Sirius a big THANK YOU.  I think due to Mary's influence we will have set dancing workshops next year (hoorah!), what d'ya think lads, are you game?, Suzanne, John, Brian, Sarah and special thanks to Louise and John for the tremendous job on the sound.  I really couldn't do it without you.     

Thanks of course to all our performers both scheduled and those who came along for the sessions off their own bat, your contribution is priceless.  I think the session in Ballymore was the biggest mix of ages and musicians that I've seen in a long long time. 

Thanks to our sponsors, all the food providers, every little bit helps make this a success. A special thank you to the staff at Bella Vista House Hotel for putting up with our late sessions each night - Bartoz and Jarek thank you and Kevin thank you for putting up the majority of our guests!

I hope you all had a terrific time, that you'll tell your friends and that we can all do it again next year even better.

Best Wishes from a now rather gray Ireland.


Daniel 2008-06-12 16:39:30
Brittany France
We are very happy to have taken part in this super festival, a marvellous team, a cordial environment, sea and sun and very good musicians . continue...
Perhaps at the next year (I hope !)
Daniel of Nordet
Siudmy 2008-06-04 14:41:22
Dziękuję Peg oraz wszystkim Muzykom tegorocznego festiwalu w Cobh. Był to dla mnie niezapomniany tydzień, wiele się nauczyłem. Mam nadzieję że spotkamy sie za rok.
special thanks;
 for Alison - Prison song !!!!
 for Daniel from Nordet -I'm bouzouki man he he

do zobaczenia za rok :-)
Artur 'Meler' Melerowicz 2008-06-03 23:22:35
I can't believe that i'm still alive :) As one of my favourite rock bands of all-time - The Toy Dolls would put it..."That was abso-lutely splendid" :)

And being A Man with Pyramid on Top of His Head is a great and unique experience :)

Thanks :)
John Jefferies 2008-06-03 20:00:40
Once again a great weekend of music and much more in Cobh.  Especially enjoyed the two free sessions in the Roaring Donkey and Hi-Chapperal.  Keep up the good work!
Paweł Jędrzejko 2008-06-03 19:48:41
Dear Friends,
I truly wish I could be there with you; I have been keeping my fingers crossed all the time and, by the intelligence I have been continuously receiving, I sure have been efficient! Congratulations on the success of the 2008 Cobh Maritime Song Festival! I'll certainly be looking forward to next year's edition!

With lots of love to Cobh,

Tina Storey 2008-06-03 18:42:10

A suggestion for future festivals: I saw the Shifty Sailors at the Tall Ships Race in Waterford in 2005 and they were great - they wove in amongst the crowd singing and were very entertaining. Their CD "Ho, for the Life!" is a favourite with all the family.


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